Cyrille Martraire, author of this blog.moi4

I work both in software development (Object-Oriented design and development in Java) and in Business Analysis in the Finance domain (Derivatives, Interest Rate, Swaps, Credit, e-Trading, Asset Management).

Being so immersed in finance while still in love with programming, I’m naturally a big fan of Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans, along with TDD, BDD and agile/XP  practices.

Recently I have been working as development lead at Swapstream (a CME Group company), before coordinating e-trading projects at CA-CIB (formerly Calyon) and consultancy for SunGard. I started doing R&D at Webraska (a startup) in 2000, and have also developed software at SG Asset Management, among other.

I co-founded Arolla in 2009, a french consulting company that brings expertise on technologies and methods to its customers in finance and e-commerce.

Every opinion on this web site is strictly personal.

I envision an unrealized potential for patterns (design patterns and other patterns) and in my free time I am investigating how to enable tools to manipulate them.

I live in Paris (Les Gobelins) with Yunshan, industrial designer. As a hobby I read a lot, travel, learn how to produce house music using an MPC, and also experiment some physical computing using Arduino.

Follow me on Twitter: @cyriux; you can also read my articles as MVB on DZone and read the posts that I share on Google Reader.

You can reach me at: cyrille.martraire.com (replace the first dot with the @ sign).