Jam Session “Dancing Queen” on May 15

We did it again! On May 15 we had our third jam session at home on a Sunday afternoon.


As usual, total improvisation: switch the machines on, start the recording, then everyone plays whatever he/she likes!

Nothing was prepared in any way, except the sounds loaded in the MPC. We had no lyrics prepared, next time it could be a good idea to prepare something…


Rongrong, Yuan, Muzhou, Pierrick, Yunshan and Cyrille performed this session. 6 hours recorded in total, aggressively cut to keep the most “interesting” bits:

Jam Session “Dancing Queen” May 15 by cyriux

Everyone more or less played on everything, with most lead vocals by Rongrong. We unfortunately did not record any flute solo from Pierrick (next time you need to perform in front of a mike!).

For the curious

The setup was organised as a ring with an MPC 500 for the beats, a microKorg for the leads, a KaossPad for effects and as a looper for the mic or the mixer subgroup, all midi-clock sync-ed, plus an old Casio keyboard with nice cheesy sounds. Enjoy!


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